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What happened that day in Central Africa Captain Abir Hasan

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That morning my duty was in Boar area in the western sector. A little away from him, Kaita area, the army patrol commander there, Major Hadi Sir, called me, Captain, how is the environment in your area?

The Bangladesh News said in an interview .

Sir very well, Major Oh well. While talking to Sir, I got in the car to patrol, went a little distance.

An IED buried in the ground blew it away. Our car was thrown about 23 feet. My leg was broken on the spot and my head and chest were injured. Soldier Ataur, Soldier Matin, Soldier Razzak, and Soldier Suman were fatally injured.

Major Hadi Sir was connected to the phone line.

After hearing the sound of the IED explosion, he drove himself and came to the Boer area alone.

After arriving there, Major Hadi picked us up in a car with the help of villagers and took us to Isno Hospital, 170 kilometers away for advanced treatment.

When I was taken to the emergency room. There was a window in front of my eyes. I saw Major Hadi talking and crying in the permanent camp.

I understood a word of the mouth, he was saying on the phone that the condition of the soldiers is good, Captain Abir’s problem is more. Because the wound was more on one side of my chest, the blood was coming out and Major Hadi was crying and talking.

I saw with my own eyes how a responsible army officer was crying like a child. He loved his colleagues like his own children with the duty of the country.

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