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June 13, 2024, 11:31 pm

Netanyahu’s view of the Gaza war is wrong

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US President Joe Biden has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s views on the Gaza war ‘wrong’. Biden made these comments in an interview published on Tuesday (April 9). Through this, Biden again criticized the way Israel is managing this war.

I think what he’s doing is wrong and I don’t agree with his point of view,” Biden told a US Spanish-language television network.


Earlier, Biden called Israel’s bombing of Gaza “indiscriminate” and the country’s military actions were “excessive”.   In a phone call last week, President Biden threatened Netanyahu that the United States would impose conditions on Israel’s war aid if he did not act to protect civilians and aid workers in Gaza, the White House said last week.


“I call on Israel to just go to a ceasefire for the next six, eight weeks, to let all the food and medicine that goes into the country go in,” Biden said in the interview. Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza has drawn widespread criticism worldwide. In addition to increasing pressure on this, before the US presidential election, Biden is also facing strong protests from anti-war activists and Muslims and Arab-Americans in the country. The protesters are demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and restrictions on US military aid to Israel.

More than 33,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza during Israel’s six-month long offensive. Among them are significant number of women and children. Already, almost all of the 2.3 million inhabitants of the Palestinian enclave have lost their homes and become refugees, facing severe food shortages and famine. There have also been allegations of genocide taking place in the territory, which Israel denies.

Israel has received twice as much U.S. aid as has been given to any other country since World War II. So far, the United States has supported Israel by vetoing three UN resolutions on the Gaza war. However, this country, one of the permanent members of the Security Council, abstained from voting on another resolution made by the Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire last month.


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