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June 14, 2024, 4:45 am

Lemon and gram flour pack to get rid of skin burns

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Everyone’s skin gets burnt and turns black in the sun. This homemade pack of gram flour, lemon and turmeric can relieve the burning sensation. This home pack is beneficial for any skin type. This pack helps to get rid of the burnt look of the skin and to bring back the bright color as well as to retain the softness and shine of the skin.

What you will need- gram flour-1 teaspoon, lemon juice-1 teaspoon, turmeric powder-1 teaspoon, rose water How to apply- Mix gram flour, lemon juice and turmeric powder in rose water to make a paste. Apply well all over the face. Wait until dry. Don’t remove it early. When dry, wash your face with cold water and wipe with a clean soft towel.

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